Best Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma

If you’ve been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma, you know it’s not fun. And what’s worse is the thought that your condition might hamper your ability to exercise and enjoy an active lifestyle.

That was my biggest concern when I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma. But fortunately, I’ve been able to manage my condition for 5 years, without the need for surgery or injections.

One of the ways I’ve done that is being diligent in my footwear choices, including spending a lot of time figuring out the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma.

People with this condition spend a lot of time researching and testing out the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma but often forget about socks. That’s a mistake, because socks are just as important as shoes, especially when you’re dealing with an often painful foot condition like Morton’s Neuroma.

This list of the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma is aimed at helping you manage your condition and hopefully, be able to exercise pain-free (or at least, pain-reduced!)

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What To Look For in Morton’s Neuroma Socks

When you’re looking for socks that will help you manage your Morton’s Neuroma, there are a few key features to look for. They include:


When you’re choosing running socks for Morton’s Neuroma, it’s best to avoid 100% cotton socks.

Cotton retains moisture so once your feet get sweaty, your socks get sweaty (and stay sweaty.) That’s a lot of sweat. All that moisture can cause blisters and general discomfort which is the last thing you want when you’re also dealing with the discomfort caused by Morton’s Neuroma.

Instead of cotton, try going for a moisture-wicking material like Olefin, a water-repelling synthetic fiber (this is the material used in my favorite running socks for Morton’s Neuroma, listed below.)

Nylon, polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax are also popular fabric options for running socks. If you live in a cold climate, SmartWool – a combination of merino wool, nylon, and elastane- is a good option during the winter months.


Most specialized running socks will offer some amount of padding, usually around the toes, heels, and arch.

When it comes to the best amount of padding, this is very much a personal preference. The type of running shoe you wear also has an impact on this – if you wear a shoe that has a lot of padding you might find that you don’t need or want as much padding in your socks. Conversely, if you wear a more minimal running shoe then you may prefer extra padding.

Anatomical Shape

Shapeless tube socks may be cheaper, but you’re running the risk of chafing and discomfort if you opt for cheap tube socks over proper running socks.

The best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma are anatomically designed to the contours of your feet. Features like elastic arches, moderate compression through the arch band, widening at the toe to allow space for your toes to move freely and reinforced heel and toe area are all designed to fit your feet anatomically, stopping your socks from bunching up and sliding around in your shoes.

Best Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma

This is my list of the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma. Some of these are foot sleeve style socks while some are traditional but all of them are great for managing your condition.

Best All Round Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma – Swiftwick Performance Zero Running Socks

swiftwick socks

Swiftwick Performance Running Socks

✅ Archband support

✅ Wide toe space

✅ Won’t bunch up in your shoes

No list of the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma would be complete without the Swiftwick Performance Zero Running Socks.

I’ve been wearing Swiftwick socks for years now, even when I’m not exercising. The Olefin fiber is excellent at wicking sweat away and keeping your feet dry.

The arch band support and Y-shaped heel help to support your feet and stop the socks from bunching in your shoes, while still having plenty of space in the toe area to allow your toes space to spread.

Best Foot Sleeve Style Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma – SB Sox Foot Sleeve

sb sox foot sleeve

SB Sox Foot Sleeve

✅ Space for toes to fully spread

✅ Ribbed arch keeps them in place

✅ Breathable, moisture-wicking material

The SB Sox Compression Foot Sleeves are marketed as the best socks for people with plantar fasciitis, but they’re also excellent running socks for people with Morton’s Neuroma.

As you’ll know, space to spread your toes is an important factor in managing Morton’s Neuroma which is why foot sleeves are a popular option. Foot sleeves allow the toes to spread completely which helps to stop your Morton’s Neuroma from being compressed.

The SB Sox Compression Foot Sleeves feature a ribbed arch which helps to keep them in place along with a breathable, moisture-wicking material that allows your feet to breathe and keeps them dry.

Best Cold Weather Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma – Smartwool PHD Run Light Elite

Smartwool PHD Run Light Elite

✅ Great if you need a warmer sock

✅ Moisture-wicking, breathable

✅ Light compression around mid-foot

If you’re after more warmth then it’s difficult to find a better running sock for Morton’s Neuroma than the Smartwool PHD Run Light Elite.

These running socks are made from a wool, nylon, and elastane blend which provides extra warmth along with moisture-wicking, keeping your feet both warm and dry.

The design of these socks features light cushioning with a virtually seamless toe which helps to avoid rubbing and irritation.

They fit light compression socks around the mid-foot which helps to keep the socks in place and avoid bunching and blisters.

What Are The Best Running Socks for Morton’s Neuroma?

The best overall running socks for Morton’s Neuroma are the Swiftwick Performance Zero. These are my personal favorite and I’ve been successfully managing my Morton’s Neuroma thanks in large part to these socks.

Bear in mind that they are quite a firm fit (but not the point of being uncomfortable) around the arch of the foot but have a lot of space in the toe box.

I find that the firm fit stops them from slipping around.

In addition, I live in a city that has extremely high humidity in the summer and these socks do an excellent job at wicking away sweat, stopping my feet from slipping inside my shoes, and getting blisters.

If your Morton’s Neuroma is aggravating you more than usual and you feel you need even more space around your toes, then the extra space of the SB Sox Foot Sleeves may give you extra relief.

If you’re in a cold climate, the Smartwool PHD Run Light Elite are the best option.

Having said that, depending on how cold it is in your part of the world, you may want to try doubling up on the Swiftwicks, which is what I do in winter.

As a Morton’s Neuroma sufferer, I know how painful and frustrating this condition can be, especially if you’re a runner. I’ve been able to successfully manage my Morton’s Neuroma without surgery or injections – I hope this list of the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma will help you do the same.

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