The Best Running Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma (From Someone Who Has The Condition)

As a Morton’s neuroma sufferer and a runner, I know how debilitating the condition can be both physically and mentally.

I’m sure most runners would agree that running is more than just a physical workout – it’s also an excellent way to de-stress.

So there’s nothing worse than going for a run and having to deal with that niggling pain that any Morton’s neuroma sufferer knows all too well! Which is all the more reason to make sure you have the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

Wearing the right shoes won’t necessarily fix your Morton’s neuroma, but it can definitely make it more manageable.

Personally, I was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma 5 years ago.

I still suffer pain occasionally, but after a lot (a LOT) of trial and error, I’ve finally found the best running socks for Morton’s neuroma AND the best running shoes (yes, socks are just as important!)

I’m now able to go for anywhere from a few miles up to a 10 mile run without any pain.

After 10 miles I’ll occasionally start to feel a bit of pain in my toes but nothing compared to what it used to be, and certainly not bad enough that I can no longer run.

There are a lot of similar articles to this one on the internet but I often wonder if the author actually has Morton’s neuroma and has actually tried out the shoes they recommend…

That’s why I wrote this article – so you can hear from someone who is both a runner and a person who suffers from Morton’s neuroma.

Below you’ll find the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma sufferers, including one you may find surprising!

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Top 3 Best Running Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

1. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

adidas cloudfoam shoes

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

✅ Stretchable, mesh material

✅ Low heel-toe drop

✅ Space for toes to move/stretch

The Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes are my favorite running shoes and the shoes I recommend every runner who suffers from Morton’s neuroma try out.

You may be surprised to find these running shoes on the list because they don’t have the typical features you see in running shoes recommended for people with Morton’s neuroma (super wide toe box, extra depth.)

But hear me out before you immediately discount them.

I ordered these shoes after a fellow Morton’s neuroma sufferer recommended them to me. She’s not a runner but she walks long distances at a brisk pace daily, and she swore by these shoes.

I was skeptical but I thought the shoes looked stylish and decided it was worth at least giving them a go.

Long story short – I now own 4 pairs in different colors and wear them on a daily basis, for running but also just when I’m out and about because they’re both comfortable and stylish enough to do that!

The Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running shoes are made of a stretchy mesh material that is highly breathable but also does not compress your toes, allowing them space to stretch out and move, which is extremely important for Morton’s neuroma sufferers. The heel-toe drop is low which is also important.

The only negative I would say about these shoes is that the soles don’t last as long as some other running shoes.

Runners should replace their shoes every 300-500 miles and I would say these shoes are at the lower end of that range. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker though, especially given the reasonable price compared to other running shoes.

2. Altra Escalante Racer

Altra Escalante Racer

✅ Wide toe box

✅ Comfortable, knit material

✅ Durable sole

The Altra Escalante racer is my runner-up running shoe. I owned these before I owned my Adidas Cloudfoam and while I don’t find them as comfortable, they have a more durable sole than the Cloudfoams.

I prefer to wear these when I’m running on a less stable or more slippery surface as I feel like they provide more traction.

Like all Altra running shoes, the toe box is wide and spacious and is made from a knit material that, like the Cloudfoams, provides ample space for your toes to stretch out.

In regards to how long they last, the Altra Escalante Racer lasts longer than the Cloudfoams (in the upper area of the 300-500 mile range) however, they are more expensive so it’s a bit of a trade-off.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance Fresh Foam

✅ Wide toe box

✅ Cushioned sole

✅ Flexible and breathable

My final recommendation is the New Balance Fresh Foam.

If you’re looking for a running shoe that provides more cushioning than the other two options, then these are for you.

The toe box is wide like all of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma, and like all of the shoes on this list, they are made of synthetic mesh material for flexibility and breathability.

Personally, I don’t like to have as much cushioning as these shoes provide, but if I’ve been pounding the pavement more frequently than usual and my feet are feeling a bit sore, I wear these for a while just to give my feet a break.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – my top 3 recommendations for runners with Morton’s neuroma. Each of the shoes on this list serves a purpose, but my definite favorites are the Adidas Cloudfoam.

I hope you found this information helpful and make sure to check out my article about the best running socks for Morton’s neuroma!