Hi, I’m Ashli and welcome to Swoleish.

I started this blog to share my tips and advice on how to live a healthy, fit, balanced life.

I’ve always been into health and fitness. Some of my earliest memories are of watching my Dad on the football field. I started gymnastics at age 3 and then moved onto Tee-ball, Softball, Netball (an Australian sport,) Hockey, Swimming… the list goes on.

I hold a number of fitness and health credentials, including:

  • Certificate IV Qualified Personal Trainer (West Coast College of Fitness, Western Australia)
  • Dr Sears Health Coach Certification
  • Weight Management Consultant (NESTA)
  • Oh Baby! Fitness Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Instructor Training
  • RYT-200 Yoga Instructor (in progress)

What does Swoleish mean?

Good question.

Years ago, I decided I wanted to start training for a bodybuilding competition – I wanted to be “ripped” and look “swole” in a bikini. So I started researching. And the more I read, the more I realized that that wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted to live.

I value my health and fitness and it’s one of my top priorities. But I also love food. And I love eating the desserts my husband makes (he’s an incredible chef.) I love snuggling in bed with my 4-year-old on rainy mornings and I don’t love spending 5 hours a day at the gym.

Needless to say, bodybuilding wasn’t for me.

What was for me…


I exercise because I love it. I love how it makes me feel, I find it fun and I feel good knowing I’m honoring my body and treating it how it deserves to be treated. But sometimes I just want to sleep in, and I don’t feel guilty about that.

The same goes for food. I eat to nourish my body. However, I don’t deprive myself of the occasional slice of cake (like the vegan double layered peanut butter chocolate ganache cake my husband makes for my birthday.)

To me, “Swoleish” describes someone who is fit, healthy and in shape but doesn’t care if their abs aren’t shredded or their veins aren’t popping.