Welcome to Swoleish!

My goal with this site is to share my experience with Morton’s Neuroma and to help others who are suffering from the same condition.

My name is Ash. I’m a mom of one and I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma in 2017.

I remember the first time I felt pain in my left foot. I was walking through the farmers’ markets with my husband and son and I remember feeling like my toes were cramping.

I reached down and had to “crunch” them back into position.

I thought it was weird, but just put it down to the fact that we had been walking all day in the North Carolina summer heat and my feet were probably just tired.

Unfortunately, things just kept getting worse and so I went to see my doctor who referred me to a podiatrist.

Turns out that I had Morton’s Neuroma, a condition that seems to run in my family – both my mother and uncle also have the condition.

My podiatrist told me that one of the biggest contributing factors for women is high heel or pointy-toed shoes, which made me laugh since everyone who knows me knows that I don’t even own a pair of high heels – I have always worn comfortable shoes (Birkenstocks have been my favorite for years!)

I guess I was just one of the lucky ones who managed to get Morton’s Neuroma without wearing painful, uncomfortable shoes!

Since my diagnosis, I’ve made it my mission to live as comfortably as possible with Morton’s Neuroma and try to avoid having surgery.

Thank you for being here!