Healthy Living With a Slice of Cake

Your greatest wealth is health – wise (and true) words. Life’s better when you’re fit and healthy… But life is also short, which is why I believe in eating the damn cake, too. You CAN be fit, healthy and “swoleish” without slaving hours at the gym or depriving yourself of everything you enjoy. And I’m here to show you how.

Welcome to Swoleish

I’m Ashli and it’s my mission to help you discover how to live a healthy, balanced life without deprivation. I’m a qualified personal trainer, health coach and yoga teacher so it’s fair to say that I’m pretty health conscious. But I also love eating the incredible food and desserts my husband makes (he’s an amazing chef,) I’m partial to Netflix + popcorn binges and I can’t stand the thought of getting up at 5am to slave away in the gym for hours on end. 

In other words, I believe it’s possible to look and feel great without giving up everything you love.

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